Well the water is dirty everywhere apparently so even though the wind is calm I am stuck on land. The mutton spawn is happening apparently and of course the vis is terrible. Last year vis was terrible on the mutton spawn as well. I am beginning to perhaps notice patterns in the visibility. Is the water always dirty when the muttons are spawning?

Anyways the big Cero Mackerel I shot a couple months ago was a new world record. World record for freedive spearfishing, apparently the all tackle record is 17#. Probably not the most prestigious fish in the sea but I will take what I can get. I had always noticed that we seem to get bigger cero mackerel then anywhere else in the Keys, at least looking at tons of fishing reports. I knew when I landed the fish that it was humongous for a cero mackerel. My record page is here http://iusarecords.com/display_record.php?id=481 .   You can see the list of all the freedive fish records here http://iusarecords.com/world_record_list.php.