Well it’s winter and the Wahoo are here. Got out a couple times in the past couple weeks and both days were fantastic. Day number one I went out with Stoner and Pedro. We got out into the blue water and in like the first twenty minutes the first wahoo came in . I hit him with a solid shot and my float took off. I thought we would have to follow him with the boat but he didn’t make it that far.

We fought him for a while, the fish mostly swimming down which was different and then finally stoner shot him again and it was over.

After that it was slow pickings. We drifted for hours seeing nothing, then we saw two wahoo but they disappeared as quickly as they came. I got a nice kingfish. Then came another long period of nothing. Stoner started saying something like “ I can’t believe we are just going to fish for wahoo all day, this is boring“. I just laughed and in like the next ten minutes a school of 7 or 8 came in. The biggest one slid past me, but I drilled one that was following him. There was huge one swimming with the wounded one and I yelled to stoner to get him, but it wasn’t meant to happen.

The next time I was out was with JP and Mike. The day started slow . Jp had a big wahoo swim under him when his gun wasn’t loaded. Then nothing for a long time. We drifted over dozens of triggers and cero mackerel, but no wahoo. Hours passed and nothing. Then I saw what at first I thought was a king down kind of deep but it looked like it had stripes. I dove on it and around 50 feet down it came into range and it was in fact a small wahoo. I shot it in the tail. It was a baby but better then nothing.

More drifting, more nothing. Repeatedly the charter boat Linda D ignored our dive flag and ran close to the divers. At one point they got very close to another dive boat which happened to have kids in the water.

Then Mike nailed a nice king. A hammerhead showed up for a bit so that was pretty cool. Then it was dead again for awhile.

Then I had another wahoo come in , I dropped to his level and he started swimming away. I stopped swimming and he kind of came back and after a second was in range so I took the shot and landed him.

Sometimes I just seem to have a lot of luck.