Been some great diving this past week. Was able to make it out one day with Cat so I got some photos. My friend Julian is visiting and we have gotten a bunch of diving in this week. The conditions have been great , clear water , light current not a lot wind.  Really just fantastic.

One day we Julian, Cat and I dove the reef to the west. It wasn’t really that fishy but we had a great time. The lack of wind and light current allowed us all to drift with boat. We got a mixed bag of a bunch of different types of fish. We did not really get anything outstanding though.  Cat had fun taking photos and practicing diving.

The next day Stoner, Julian and I went out. The conditions were still awesome. We hunted the reef close to Key West for bit. We did alright, getting a few snappers and other fish. We then went out deep and setup a chum slick. For like 3 hours we spent chumming and hanging out in the blue. We shot barracuda , amberjack and cero mackerel while we waited. Then while I was actually in the boat adjusting some stuff a school of wahoo came through. Stoner shot one but the shaft pulled free on it’s first run, and Julian shot his and broke its back.

I didn’t even get to see the school because they were gone once I got in the water. Pretty fantastic day either way. I stuck a photo in of a wahoo I got a little bit ago, just for the hell of it.