Well its blowing 24 knots right now out on the reef. No idea what the vis is or anything. Cleaned the Boat, changed the layout of this blog, so I could embed the videos without reducing their size. Also hit visitors with more info with less scrolling.

Videos are a blast to shoot and play with, although they can’t be delivered as easily over the web as images. Kind of has us rethinking whether we should get a canon g10 for under water or look into HD video camera for under water. You can pull decent stills out of the HD video but I don’t think it would compare to the stills we could get with g10 using raw mode. The g10 takes videos in the same quality as the S1, which might be ok for our purposes. But everytime I see a HD underwater video it makes me really want to get one of those cameras.

Visited the Dry Tortugas this weekend with girlfriends family. Water looked really nice west of the Marquesas, probably destroyed by all this wind though.