Haven’t posted on here in a bit, frankly with this weather there hasn’t been much going out. The cold water has both driven many divers out of the water and driven the lobsters in shallow. We have been catching our “limit” almost every time we have gone out. The north wind has made for some decent vis inshore.

Been out to the reef a few times but two out of three have been pretty rough and the water has been diveable but not crystal clear. Not many photos because Cat has had to work on most of the days we have been out. Cal shot 25# black in like 150 fsw the the other day but other then his grouper, I haven’t seen a lot of grouper. In the next couple weeks they should come in.

There are fat mangroves on the reef line now, not that big a deal but they are everywhere. I haven’t seen any big schools of yellow jacks or cero mackerel yet any day now though. I shot a cero that was probably over 10# on the Vandenburg the other day but the cudas devoured it. We shot some as payback but they had the last laugh when a float line broke and big cuda ran off into the waves trailing a custom wood spear gun. If you find a wood enclosed track gun with the initials JT on it , contact me. My friend who lost it is willing to pay some sort of reward for it.