Got out this weekend with Cat, Nick, Katie and the stoner. We dove really really close to Key West and did ok. Well actually Nick scored a cobia which made the day. outside of the that we just got a bunch of little fish. We also got some lobsters. I dove a bunch of rocks in Hawk’s channel. There was tons of bait, lionfish and short groupers. I also saw a couple legal groupers but was not able to get them.

They jellyfish keep coming and going. They still are not as bad as they were but they are still definitely around. Inshore we saw a lot of lion’s mane jellyfish, one of which was eating a moon jelly fish. They appear to be gorging themselves on the moon jellies. Which is good, I guess.

I got a Wong reel to go on the new tiller spear gun Jason is making me. It appears to be identical to the Mako reel which sells for like $25 less.  So not only does Wong sell crappy shafts which turn to rust almost instantly, he sell’s basically marked up Mako stuff.