Well it was a banner wahoo season this year. I really did not bust out the underwater camera too much which as always I kind of regret.

I got my two largest fish this year with a 72# and a 76# fish. I shot the 76# fish on a 70 foot freedive which was pretty cool. Wahoo are a strange fish to hunt, they are actually not that difficult once you do it few times, and I actually think it would be pretty cool if they were more often at 70 feet rather then 20 feet.

Anyways everyone I dive with got multiple fish this year, even Stoner who usually has notoriously bad luck with wahoo.

This is the problem with writing about trips awhile after they happen, I forget all the cool details. I am trying to think of interesting stuff that happened on the water.

We had a couple black grouper try to eat wahoo that were struggling on the end of the line. Not really sure what those grouper had in mind, since they were like 20# trying to eat a 40# fish. Sharks were real mellow this year, didn’t see many. I tried to stone a wahoo with my little reef gun with a reel, it ended up breaking the flopper and bending my shaft after it dumped all my line in about 5 seconds.

I also had the strap rip off the side of a RA float and lost a float line, shaft , slip tip and wahoo.

We got to experience the facebook effect this year. When one of the guys I dive with put a ton of photos of our fish on facebook and the next time we went out, instead of diving with one other boat of people we were cool with, we were diving with like 10 boats of people we don’t know.

So basically one guy got to be the man on facebook for a day showing off fish, most of which he didn’t shoot, and in the end we got to have 10 new groups of divers out there shooting at wahoo with little reef guns and flopper shafts.

But here I am showing off photos online so I guess I am hypocritical on that.

I also got a new toy built by Stoner, a new wahoo gun pearl white with graphics on it. It’s bigger then then my masterpeitro gun with less recoil but not quite as nice to swing through the water. I think it will be just a blue water gun and I will use my old gun if I go the MX again.