Catherine, Cal, Mike and I went out spearfishing yesterday and found conditions ranging from awesome to terrible. We ran out in front of Key West and found crappy water past the edge of the reef, so we headed west and were able to find some OK water. You could make out bottom in 50 feet. Cal and Mike shot some triggerfish.

Since it seemed to get better going west we ran another 4 or 5 miles west.  I was in an area where I had no spots but seeing that the water was crystal clear and there seemed to be some relief I jumped in to check it out. We were in 60 to 70 feet of water but it looked like 50. There was around 100 feet of visibility. Mid column I saw what I thought was a nice yellow jack, but upon closer inspection saw it was huge mutton snapper. I quickly had Cal throw me my gun, I dove down where I last saw him but didn’t see him. Then a few minutes later I saw what I thought was him and a second snapper. I dove and the smaller of the pair came to check me out but swam directly under me. I tried to get down to his level and so I wouldn’t have to shoot straight down on him, but ran out of breath and blew the shot. We drifted around for awhile in that area, there were tons of triggers.  I got a another shot on a smaller mutton in 75fsw but blew the shot again. I think I need more practice diving in order to hunt that deep. Sure I can swim down, turn around and come back but what good is that?

We then ran another 4 or 5 miles and hit some shallower stuff in 40-60 feet of water. I tried to find some new spots but really didn’t find much. Good bottom but no really impressive relief. Then this wall of crappy water moved out and ruined everything. So we ran back east, we found a little area where the water was ok, you just had to dive down 10 feet or so for it to clear up. We worked that area for awhile.  Mike got a large mangrove. We tried coming back east a bit more but the water got worse, so we called it day and headed in.

Here are some pics from a week or two ago.  I have found an issue of what to do with the pics. I can make a monthly gallery which no one ends up seeing, or I can embed them in a post. Of course then I have pics like these where we were just going to get shark bait.