Catherine and I went out today, first time in a while just the two of us have gone out. We had big plans, I brought chum, lobster heads, flashers etc , in hopes of setting up a sick chum slick in like 60 feet of water. But when we got out to sand key there was about 15 feet of visibility. We debated for a while whether we should run east or west. For the hell of it we ran east, when finally got out to around the middle sambos there was 25, maybe 30 feet of cloudy green visibility. We jumped in on a patch reef in about 25 feet of water and I shot a red grouper and then shot a Spanish mackerel more for target practice.

I had recently re-rigged my rabitech apex and had not been happy with how it was shooting.  I tied my bands a bit longer to take a little bit of pressure off my chest when loading it and was not really happy with the result. I took the measurements off the mako website( it lists a range of lengths), but in my opinion it’s better to stick with the lengths on the Rob Allen size chart.  When I was rerigging the gun, I remembered I have a RA open muzzle laying around and a finned shaft just collecting dust in my closet, so I took the time to put the open muzzle on the a Rob Allen 130 which has also been sitting around in my closet.  So I took out the Rob Allen with the open muzzle and the finned shaft today. I really like this setup, except for loading the gun without a butt.  I love  using a shaft where the line doesn’t connect to the rear of the shaft, and I like the rob allen open muzzle better than the rabitech open muzzle.   If I could get an RA muzzle for the rabitech I would be in heaven.

Anyways, a couple days ago had a filling put on the right side of my mouth, and it seemed to cause my right ear to have a tiny ache.  Diving amplified with ache considerably, and with the crap vis made it easy to head in early. We did stop to catch three lobsters for dinner, it took about half an hour to find 3 legals, and sort through 6 or 7 shorts.  We also found the king of puffer fish.

The jellyfish were out but nothing like it has been the past couple weeks. The swim pants I got to replace the crappy evo lycra I was wearing are working out great. I got the pants here , and they run a bit big for diving, like I seem to fit perfect into a medium. (I don’t think I have worn anything in size medium since 10th grade of high school). They seem to block the jelly fish larvae well, and are quick and easy to put on , and I also don’t look like I am in the viet cong wearing them.