Well got out yesterday and brought the camera . Stoner got a spearboard sponsor ship to help sell his guns and I thought we should come up with some good content to put on there to get his name out more. I have been meaning to bring the camera out with us more its just kind of hassle its big and the it needs to be watched over and taken care of etc.

Anyways we went out with Garett, Niko as well. We ran way west and it was ok but not really off the charts. We had gone west last week and everything was loaded with fish, schools of amberjacks, dozens of sharks and great vis and little current. Of course this trip I bring the camera and the vis topped out at maybe 30-35 feet and the there was current everywhere we went ranging from a little push, to can’t swim against it.

Anyways the trip was ok we all got some decent fish. I got a pretty good sized dog snapper and a octopus, along with some other odds and ends. Garett got some yellow jacks and Stoner got a few nice muttons, Niko had an off day.

Nothing really ground breaking but a guess an OK trip.