Anyone know about Barbados holidays. ? Catherine and I have planning a trip to the Caribbean to check out other islands for fun and to look for perspective places to live. Key West is nice and all but its pretty expensive. For the time being most of our work is done online so it would totally be possible to live in another country and keep our jobs. We were thinking about going to Belize but I was reading on one of the spear fishing forums that Barbados Holiday is worth checking out. Apparently the fishing is good there and spear fishing is allowed. There are bunch of charter boats advertising online. There is also 20 miles of barrier reef ranging for 40 to 60 feet of depth, which is perfect for free diving. A Holiday Barbados. seems like it would be pretty good for both fishing and diving, there are bunch of scuba diving sites also advertising scuba trips to wrecks their off the coast. It also looks like just glancing at one website that you are allowed to harvest fish there on scuba which is different then most of Caribbean where spearing on scuba is banned. But definitely check out those regulations before planning a trip there.