Spearfishing is much easier now thanks to the advancements of technology that are readily available on the market. Unlike before when people only relied on using sharpened sticks, spearfishers now have gas-powered spearguns and scuba diving sets. But while having the right gear makes spearfishing easy, doing it would be much easier with the use of spearfishing apps. Here are three mobile apps that you might want to try during your next spearfishing trip:

Navionics 5.0
Do you find it bulky carrying printed, navigational charts when spearfishing? Then you might want to load Navionics 5.0 on your smartphone. This app is an important tool to carry when spearfishing since it gives updates on weather forecasts, wind speeds, tides, currents, and charts of wherever you’re currently at. Navionics 5.0 makes spearfishing safer, convenient, and it’s available in the iOS for $14.99.

North American Fish Guide
This is a helpful guide for people who aren’t familiar with the different types of fish that can be found in the U.S. and Canada. North American Fish Guidefeatures fishes in each region for easier viewing and is especially useful for identifying catches during a tournament. North American Fish Guide is available in the Android market for $0.99.

Spearfishing 3D
Can’t wait to get to your spearfishing destination? Try virtual spearfishing first! Spearfishing 3D is a game that recreates the underwater experience. It has great graphics, easy-to-control game mechanics, and several challenging modes with different objectives. Just like in real spearfishing, players need to be careful and avoid the large predators or they’ll get eaten! Spearfishing 3D is free and can be played on iOS devices.

Spearfishing 3D is proof that the mobile platform can cater to AAA games. Gaming Realms, mobile gaming host Castle Jackpot, stated that the mobile market will become a $42 billion dollar industry by next year. But with Spearfishing 3D’s success, along with the thousands of great titles available for the mobile audience, it wouldn’t be surprising if the $42-billion mark is met by the end of 2014.

There are many other apps that are helpful for spearfishing. However, these three should be enough for those who are only looking for apps that are helpful for navigation, fish identification, and entertainment during the trip.