It’s been about a week since I went out, and since there is not much else to do on this island I got stir crazy to the point of going out regardless of the crappy weather. It was about 60 degrees out, which is cold down here and the winds where about 15-23 knots from the northwest. Not really the best diving conditions at least for down here. When the wind has been blowing for a few days out of the north the water just south of the island tends to clear up and if you hug the shore is often reasonably calm.

So yesterday we headed despite the wind and cold and tested it out. I guess I learned one thing, if there is a north wind over 20 knots even the inshore waters to the south of key west silt up. So the vis was no where as near good as hoped. I also learned that these conditions are too cold for my wetsuit at least in its present state. I was freezing, actually everyone was freezing. We still caught few lobsters a couple slipper lobsters before the cold made us call it day. Pat also netted some type of ray.