Went out yesterday with Lou, Rafi, and Catherine. It was pretty much a total bust, we drove a lot looking for fish and vis and did not find a lot of either. We started looking on the bar and for awhile in the morning we had great vis but no fish at all. There were thousands of bar jacks, huge yellow tails, thousands of 10 inch long mangrove snapper, and numerous large black grouper. Which pretty much means nothing to spear. We dove for awhile hoping some jacks or something would show up, but nothing did. So then we went into the reef and the the vis sucked, less then 20 feet. We checked one big ledge and we shot a couple decent sized mangrove snapper and didn’t really see much else, except of course more black grouper.

We drove around a bit and it seemed like the vis was getting better going west but I really didn’t have enough gas to go out there. We tried back east and the vis got worse, some of the shallow spots I checked had nothing on them. Finally we stopped at some shallow rocks to shoot a couple bar jacks, but most were tiny, not worth shooting. Then came the fog.

This bank of fog rolled in out of nowhere and cut the air visibility down to maybe 200-300 feet. We drove home slow and saw many boats milling around in the harbor probably waiting to see what was going to happen.