Ah Thanksgiving, special day to spend eating turkey with family.  Catherine and I spent the morning working and went out on the water in the afternoon instead.  For dinner we had grilled triggerfish and lobster instead of turkey.

We took some pics and some vids, I pulled something in my arm and had a lot of trouble loading my gun, so I grabbed the camera, which is probably why half the vids were unusable shaking pieces of crap. Not much fish killing mostly just sightseeing.

Beautiful day yesterday, 8-10 knot winds we headed out to where we saw the wahoo the other day and were going to drift with flashers hoping for another shot. The water visibility was probably about 30-60 feet the same as the other day but the green and blue water seem to be mixing. the vis is better further up on the reef then it was but off the edge its not quite as good as it was the other day. We didn’t see anything big so we went in shallower.

We caught some lobsters for our Thanksgiving meal and Catherine shot a decent yellowjack for sashimi.  I think it’s probably her biggest fish yet outside of shooting barracudas.

I got a pic of a bonnet head on the reef.  There isn’t anything in the pic to judge its size and if I cropped it a bit I could probably pass it off as hammerhead 😉 .