Went out on long run(long run for me) with everyone yesterday. Cat, Albie, Raffi and Lou joined me. We headed out past the Marqusas and found dirty water. When we got to Cosgrove shoal it was divable. There was maybe 25 feet of vis, but within an hour or so it quickly dropped to 10-15 feet and we gave up on the reef. It sucks that it was dirty, we got 3 muttons in less then hour, we probably would have done really well if it was clear. After some debate we headed to the gulf, what the hell, the vis couldn’t get much worse.

After a 10 mile run from Cosgrove we arrived at the target wrecks in the quicksands, vis was top to bottom so everyone was excited. As we arrived at the wreck we noticed one issue, the current was cranking. At least 3 knots of current. It took pretty much every bit of strength to stay on the wreck and it was almost impossible to dive and shoot the gun. After a bit of frustration we moved to another wreck, the current was a bit less but not that much. Lou pretty much just blew off the wreck and off into the distance. Albie and Cat barely held on, the first drift was off . The next drift I hit a small cobia and after that we moved on.

We headed out into the gulf and checked a big rock pile at Ellis rock. I got nothing but Lou got a 6# hog and Albie got another mutton. After that we ran to another wreck, this one had nothing to shoot except for lionfish. There was a huge jewfish in the wreck but he didn’t come out for a photo. After that it was getting late so we ran back toward Key West. We stopped on some coral heads on the way in and got a couple more nice hogs and some large mangroves. We checked the Alexander wreck but the vis sucked so we didn’t stay long. We stopped at contrell and it was loaded with mangroves but nothing else.