Been a while since I posted and frankly there hasn’t been a whole lot to post. The water around Key West is green; there is some type of algae bloom. The water is piss warm like 89 degrees in some spots. Most large fish are absent. There are about million mangroves all over place, along with schools of school master snappers.

I haven’t shot any real nice fish in a while. A couple muttons , a little red, a couple yjs. I have been trying to get something going and run far out west just to see something different but with the vis reports coming in have not really motivated me to get out. A couple days I went out to the vandenberg and practiced freediving.  I get bored kind of easily doing that, unless the vis is awesome which it hasn’t been.

I took some photos of Cat diving over the past couple weeks and am posting them up because frankly I haven’t shot any fish worth taking a photo of.

Oh yeah we went to the Busch wreck to dive it one day and as usual the vis on it was terrible. Did they research the area that they sank that in at all? I mean I have been to that wreck like 4 or 5 times now and every time the vis is terrible once you get down anywhere near the wreck.

I played around with some hdr effects on some of the photos, looks ok depending on the photo.