Been diving a fair amount but haven’t really had any cameras with me. Haven’t got anything really big recently , well I got a 30# king and a 28# black the other day which I wish I got photos of but other then that nothing major.

Went out yesterday with Andy and Rob and boy did it suck. Raining and windy all day. No fish really just little mangroves and a bunch of trigger fish . We dove a bunch of rocks inside the reef and didn’t get anything. The vis was pretty good and there was tons of bait , and short groupers but nothing else really.

The we hit the reef , more of the same except for the big triggers. I shot one that had to close 14#.  I missed a nice black at point blank. I think I was just over confident and didn’t really aim. I do that some times, I just point the gun a lot and don’t aim, which usually works out well for me but maybe not this time.  Rob got a small black but not much else.

Anyways the whole day sucked for the most part right up until the end. I was driving and Andy was free diving in 50 feet of water, when suddenly hit hit the surface and said “I just shot a 40# black”. I was like yeah right, maybe a nice fish but a 40#er in the summer in 50 feet of water.  When he got the fish up his estimation was right  it ended up being 39.8 pounds on the scale.

After that, I started diving and after a few dives in the murky water I saw another big black swimming towards me as I hit the bottom. I probably had the shot but I hesitated when it was coming towards me and suddenly it started to bolt towards a ledge. I was so pissed at this point , there was no way that fish was getting away. I followed it on the bottom to the ledge and it decided the ledge wasn’t good enough hiding space and it headed back out on the sand. It cut between me and a rock, it should of went around the other side of the rock because it came too close and I shot it in the tail.  It ended up being 20#. So finally after a long shitty day we got a couple nice fish.

Not much else from the last bunch of trips of note. Except the new pathos pockets suck compared to the old ones. I am going to have to update my review of them.  Sucks I can’t seem to win with gear. I hope I don’t have to go back to the stingrays, perhaps I will gamble again with another brand.  I just got a new Hawaiian skin-diver  hooded rash guard to replace my hammerhead rash guard that disappeared and the damn thing is like a half shirt on me.  The only recent piece of gear I have gotten hasn’t sucked recently has been my “take 5” pants which I got off ebay. If you ever need lycra pants, like if you don’t want your legs sunburned and want to get stung by jellyfish less.  They sell them on ebay for like $15 SHIPPED from Taiwan, in fact they have a bunch of shirts, pants and shorts on there that work for summertime diving.