Well Brian and Albie have been visiting this past week and we have had terrible dive conditions. The water has been green and cold, and the lack of fish on the Atlantic side has been very frustrating. We dove the reef line all around in front of Key West and to the west but didn’t really get much. Albie got a 27# kingfish but other than that, we were really scraping out there. We checked the wrecks out front and couldn’t even pull a nice AJ off them. We finally gave up and did some inshore stuff. We had a good time and actually caught some decent lobsters. Not sure of the weight on them but I would guess they were 2-2.5# lobsters which are nice for down here.

We also got some small hogfish and some porgies. Albie opted for the pole spear to make it more challenging and of course ran into a 25# cubera in 12 feet of water which evaded him. Catherine had a blast taking photos of bait and Christmas tree worms. We deep fried the lobster which was delicious.