Well started diving this week with a new set of fins. I just picked up a set of medium spearmaster blades and a set of pathos pockets.

They seem pretty awesome so far, the pathos are much lighter then the stingrays and I can really feel the difference in the water.

Some of you are probably saying what the hell are spearmaster blades? Well spearmaster is a company from South Africa that makes spearfishing gear and then other companies put their logo on it and sell it to you. Currently I think wong and mako sell rebranded spearmaster gear, such as slip tips , fin blades, reels and shafts.

There is a lot of that in this industry, like Rabitech and Mako were the same guns , but I guess Rabitech is no longer.

Stoner hooked me up with the fin blades through his friend Dustin at sturgil spearfishing. These are blades , I thought he was selling them cheaper then Mako but apparently Mako is now selling them for $150 so guess if you want a pair get them from Mako. The mako/spearmaster blades seem to be a reasonable fin, they might not be the best fin but they are tough and cheap.

So far the combo has been great, my only minor complaint is some minor rubbing on one of my toes. Apparently there are 3 different versions of the pathos pocket now. The first version fit me awesome, now this is the third version and there is a tiny bit of rubbing on my second toe.  I did dive all day though, first day out with these fins.

If you get this fin combo your will have to cut the rails off the fins and glue them into the pocket, which is pain in the ass. When you do, take a bit of sand paper and sand the area where the glue will be. You want to make sure there is none of the rubber rail left.

Ok now that I have dove in these fins 10 or so times I can say that the new pathos pocket sucks compared to the old one. I am getting rubbing on my toes and the heel and front of the pocket squeezes my toes. Looking at my friend’s older version pathos the toe section of the pocket seems much softer then my new pocket.

I am not sure what to do with the fins, try to soldier it out some more and see if my feet toughen up?

I am wearing the same 1.5mm sock I wore with my old pathos pockets which fit awesome, so its the pocket that has changed. I guess I will give it one more go with some different socks and see how it turns out.