Speargun Reviews

Me with an Impaler Rear Handle Plus

Me with an Impaler Rear Handle Plus

Update: I wrote a lot of these guns reviews awhile ago  when I had less knowledgeable about the sport, but I do still stand by what I wrote although I would like to add to it.

I pretty much only shoot Impaler Spearguns now. They are made by Jason Tiller who dives with me pretty regularly.  They are made here in Key West and if you live here you should at least check them out before you buy a speargun from somewhere else.

My orange Impaler Rear Handle

My orange Impaler Rear Handle

The first guns Jason made were boxy mid handle guns with not much going on, but over time his gun making has evolved.  He is making carbon fiber hybrid guns, low profile reef guns and pretty much anything else you can think of. He can also do custom color epoxy jobs, like the blaze orange rear handle I shoot now.

Believe me, if they didn’t work I would have dropped them quick. You can check out his site here impalerspearguns.com

Disclaimer: I make no attempt to claim to be an expert at spear fishing, I have only been doing it a little over a year and probably put myself at a beginner, almost but not quite intermediate level recreational diver and spear fisher. This is entirely my opinion and obviously many people disagree etc, also many of these people’s opinions are probably much more “expert” then mine. I also get no free gear to sway my opinion, but if someone want to send me some free gear I’m sure I can think of something nice to write about it 😉

Well tropical storm Fay has totally destroyed the vis on the reef so rather then being able to go spearfishing, I have time to beef up this hobby site a bit.

I have owned a bunch of guns in this past year since I started spear fishing. I have owned

Wow, some of the gun names are getting pretty long.

I am going to write a bit about these different guns and I am also going to show some pictures, I have found that a lot of people who sell spear guns don’t seem to like to provide many pictures of the guns. I will try to bridge that gap.

Rigging Rail Guns

One thing that is noticeable with all these light weight rail guns is that they will shoot wildly different depending on how much rubber you use on them. The most important thing I learned from rigging and re-rigging these guns is that if the gun is shooting high, if you shorten the bands it tends to shoot lower. I have found that one little detail can save you a lot of time and disappointment when it comes to using these guns.

Just because the gun doesn’t shoot the way you like rigged one way, doesn’t mean it won’t shoot awesome rigged another way, so try different ways of rigging it.

Here is a band rigging chart

Not sure of its origins, hopefully I won’t be sued for posting it.