Went spear fishing on Saturday with Brian, his girlfriend Amy and Catherine. The wind was light and the visibility was good 40-70 feet but there was a lot of current towards the edge of the reef. We hit some deeper stuff first and saw some nice fish but the ripping current was a problem. The reef was sort of crowded compared to what I am used to. There were boats on a bunch of spots I usually hit. There were some trigger fish and yellow jacks and Brian shot a triggerfish.

We drift dove a bunch of spots from around 30-50 feet deep along the reef line. The lack of fish was kind of amazing, huge rocks, tons of bait and next to nothing. Not even the usual schools of yellow jacks and trigger fish. So we headed in from the reef line and drifted across some more patchy bottom. 30-35 feet of water with a sand bottom and occasional humps of rock. We started to get some fish.  First Brian got red grouper, then I shot a black grouper then another red grouper. I hit some other humps I marked, they where covered in mangrove snappers and small porgies. Some of mangroves were big but I didn’t really want them.

Then we came closer to home and drifted some hard bottom where I had picked up a bunch of hogfish before. Amy and Brian finished out the day shooting a few more hogfish. Amy shot all her fish with a pole spear.

On Sunday me and Catherine headed out again at around 1 pm. We went out around a hundred feet deep and drifted around dragging flashers. I was hoping to see king fish but didn’t see any. Saw some great bottom in about 70 feet of water with a ton of small fish hanging over it. I didn’t want to really do deep dives with just Catherine with me, so I marked it for another day.

The flashers attracted cero mackerel , bar jacks and barracuda but nothing else. Saw a couple small muttons and took a shot at one but he eluded me.  I then decided to come back in shallow but the vis wasn’t that hot, so we went and took pictures of the star gazer reef and called it a day.