I went out spear fishing with Brad and Cal yesterday, it was flat calm and visibility ranged from 65 to about 20 feet, depending on the tide and proximity to the drop off. Catherine had to work so no underwater pics.

We stayed pretty close to Key West and hit spots on the bar and on the main reef. We shot black groupers , cero mackerel , trigger fish dog and mutton snappers. There were Black groupers and cubera snappers all over the place. We haven’t seen this many blacks in free diving depths since last spring/winter. I had one cubera on the shaft but he shook free. Brad got a 20# black grouper and like 10# cero mackerel, which is big for that type of mackerel.

Saw one big kingfish but he was moving fast and couldn’t get a shot. One thing odd about yesterday we saw almost no yellow jacks. After not having fish for couple weeks I was really looking forward to shooting some big yellow jacks to make fish chowder out of. Usually they are everywhere, and I have to pass on shooting them because its hard for Catherine and I to eat all the meat in a timely manner. Yesterday only saw one group of three jacks, and I couldn’t get close enough. Some of the spots that where covered in yellow and horse eye jacks the last couple months had almost zero fish on them yesterday.

We also caught a couple lobster.