Catherine , Cal and I went out spearfishing and lobstering yesterday. The wind has finally died down after a week or so. We hoped to go out ot some deeper rocks and chum up some fish, but when we got to drop off the vis was not looking so good. It was about 20 feet tops around sand key, and the bar might have been a bit better but not much. So we headed back in to look for lobsters and try some shallower spots.

We ended up doing ok on the lobsters we caught 12 keepers and saw about a hundred more shorts. We speared a bunch smaller reef fish. We shot cero mackerel, bar jacks, yellow jacks, trigger fish and a couple mutton snapper. I shot a 9# mutton , might be the biggest I have speared so far, but not sure. It was a day of firsts for Catherine , she shot her first mutton snapper and first barracuda.

Catherine is prepping for the woman’s free dive world record barracuda. Currently there is no record so its sort of up for grabs, probably due to the severe lack of free diving spearfishing females, and technically she could have applied for it with the barracuda she got yesterday, but she wants to hold out to shoot a really big barracuda, so less chance someone is stimulated to take the record back. Anyways in order to get the record you have shoot, subdue and land the fish on your own which she did. So she is ready now, next time a 30-40# cuda gets too close he will be done.

Cal said he saw a hammerhead but we didn’t see it. All and all it was fun day, a great workout and all within 6 nautical miles of home.