Well I have been pretty sick for much of this trip so far. Catherine and I deceided to take a break from the slow fishing action and catch a ride on a head boat to see the Sea lions. Because of the wind we have been mostly just sitting around La Paz rotting. As soon as I jumped in the water I found out I cannot equalize at all. Like nothing happens when I try, totally blocked up.

The trip was pretty fun really, I recommoned doing it while you are here. It’s like $50 and they give you a nice lunch of triggerfish ceviche and also some sort of marlin with carrots thing.  You get to have lunch on the beach on the island which was actually pretty cool.

Catherine spent the whole time playing with the baby sea lions, who kept picking up things off the sea floor and dropping them for her. For awhile it was a shell, then a starfish. The baby sea lions are pretty curious and very entertaining.

I took photos from the surface and looked at the fish in the sanctuary.