Riffe Silent hunter fins were the second long freedive fins I have owned. They are plastic and like anything riffe, relatively expensive. The fins are large and soft which I feel is better starting off. I originally had cressi gara HF but they felt like I had a boards strapped to my feet so I traded them in for the Riffes, the irony of that is I eventually went back to the cressi’s and still use them today.

The Riffe fins were easier on my feet initially then the cressis, in terms of cramping my feet and leg muscles.  The riffe fins were comfortable for surface swimming , which is primarily what you use them for as a beginner diver, so they worked out well in that respect.

The main issue with the Riffe fins was their foot pockets would chew up my feet over time. I would have to wrap my toes with surgical tape in order to protect them. I would wear the fins with neoprene socks, but this did not keep them from tearing up my feet.

Eventually I broke one fin after stepping off a swim platform; I did not jump off the platform. Riffe sold me another blade and it was kind of a nightmare to get it into the pocket.