Went out today with njspearo and the girlfriend, started in front of Key West and then headed west, the visibility was probably around 35-40 feet in front of key west and dropped down into the 20s as we went west, should have went east

kind of rough 16-17knot winds from northeast to east , gulf stream 17 miles out

girlfriend did some chumming at one point

pretty decent current running west, we drifted and anchored a couple spots

we shot a red, ciro mackerel a and bunch of hog fish, reef was kind of quiet out there only saw a couple spooky blacks, I saw like one mackerel all day, and only saw one big bar jack in the distance.

not a bad day though, not a lot of pics

Sometimes so much stuff goes wrong I have to laugh, first one of my batteries in the boat is dead, not sure if its just needs to be recharged or replaced. Then the slide ring that I put on my shaft was too big , when I shot that red he ran off with the shaft, luckily he was too messed up to go very far, so I got the shaft back but that gun was out commission for the rest of the day. Then I hooked the beaver tail of my wet suit on the ladder or something and ripped the shit out of it, it still works and can probably be repaired but I am beginning to think open cell wet suits are not for me. At some point I think I will have covered all the mistakes possible, its beginning to look like have two sets of everything is the way to go.