I destroy gloves. I know some of you know what I am talking about. Your dive gloves are always jacked up, and after while you stop wearing “dive gloves” and start wearing cheaper work gloves, gardening gloves or mechanic’s gloves. Everyone I know has random gloves now usually from Home Depot, everyone swearing that this one lasts a bit longer than this other one, or this one was on sale three for ten or whatever.

I was cool with this and my favorite was the nitrile coated Home Depot glove. The latex ones seem ok for awhile but after awhile they turn gummy from the sun and start sticking to everything. My one friend swears by the mechanic gloves but they are like twice as much and in my experience don’t usually last twice as long.

Then came the new style glove the Salvimar Guantema Dyneema gloves. I started hearing people say these were awesome. But I was kind of skeptical and the price tag was $32 plus shipping. But I kept hearing about them from more people, even some commercial divers.

So I read more about Dyneema and Spectra gloves which are the same stuff reel line is made out of. I found this site on Spearboard and they have a whole selection of Dynema gloves. I have tried two pairs so far first one was these they were ok but too thin. I ended up cutting the tips of one of the fingers on a kingfish tooth. I have also tried the Kutsheilds, two different types and I think they are vastly superior to the home depot gloves. This is the link to buy them . I am not sure if they are as awesome as the Salvimar gloves but they are pretty good and pretty cheap.