Well my cressi’s have pretty much bitten the dust. They are still usable but with cracks in blades and ripos in the foot pocket their days are numbered. I tried out my friends carbon fins with the pathos pockets and they felt awesome. I opted for the fiberglass blades because frankly after seeing people’s carbon fins break often I am skeptical of carbon.

The fiberglass is not as light as the carbon but it kicks good, supposedly. The pathos pockets are awesome, so much more comfortable then the piece of crap nemo pockets. I think these are going to be my fins from here on out. Frankly swimming with cressis after using them , feels like swimming with weighted boards. This comesbittersweet because I always liked diving as good as people with fancy fins using my cheap fins, but oh well.

The only problem with the leaderfins is they break, kind of big problem. My leaderfins broke after I slide off the back of the boat . I would say jumped but my fins were already in the water and my hand never let go of the boat. Either way , the place I bought them from warren-teed them , but since they were out of medium stiffness I decided to try soft. I heard that is what the a lot of European divers use.

I never took a photo of the fin combo, so I stole of photo off the internet for this one.