After deciding that I needed a backup pair of fins and the soft leaderfins were not going to cut it for winter diving, I started shopping around again. I just can’t commit myself to buying CF fins yet although it seems they are getting better and the warren-tee on them is getting better as well so perhaps soon.

Anyways I had already gotten a pair of Mako fiberglass fins for Cat in Soft. Mako seemed to be the only company at the time that was selling fin pockets small enough to fit her feet. She always had rubbing issues with her Omers and she seemed to think the Makos were a dream to wear comparatively. At least swimming laterally , the soft fins were not quick as good diving down then the stiffer omers.

I had tried on a pair of my friend’s stingray pockets and they seemed to fit well so instead of the Mako pocket I got the stingrays. I have been diving these fins for most of  the year now and they are tough. I have been beating the crap out of these fins and they have not broken. This may be partially because of the the stiff tendons that the stingrays come with. I think the stiff tendons don’t let the fin flex to its full potential but at the same time also keep it from breaking for the same reason.

The stingray pockets weight a half pound more per pocket then the pathos, which doesn’t sound like much but if you switch back and forth between the two setups you will feel it. These swim fine but the leaderfins with the pathos seemed snappier , if that is a thing. Not sure if that is because the difference in the blades or the foot pocket.

Also another positive with stingrays and the Mako combo; they never have come apart, not even once. With pathos on the other hand, the glue would weaken over time and I would have to reglue them. Not really that big of deal because they would still work good enough to finish the day, but definitely not a plus.