Catherine and I went out for a short day of spear fishing and lobstering. We headed out around 11 am and got back around 5 pm, we just played around close to Key West in mostly 30-40 feet of water. The water on the edge of the reef was blue and the visibility ranged from 40-50 feet.

We didn’t get a lot of fish, a trigger , cero mackerel, hogfish and barracuda. I wasted awhile looking for lobsters and got one measly lobster. I have to find some more areas to find lobster. Keeping hitting the same few spots too much.

Catherine tried video taping some stuff today, some of it it came out pretty good for the first time really trying to do it. The settings on the video camera were wrong so it took vids on really small resolution. They still look ok uploaded to vimeo.

Stuck the clips together with windows movie maker, think saving as wmv loses some quality, have to play around with it

Now I got to learn how to auto-level movies.