Brad, Catherine and I went out spearfishing yesterday. It was kind of breezy like 12-18 knots out of the east. Although it was windy and overcast the visibility was great over 50 feet of vis pretty much all day.

We hit some shallower spots more on the main reef in 20-30 fsw, because the vis seemed so nice, but there wasn’t anything really to take, other then hog fish. Brad shot a cuda and I got a 16 inch hogfish.

So after that we headed out to the reef line, First spot we dropped anchor and threw in some barracuda chunks, the chunks worked well and attracted a couple muttons, some big mangroves and a bunch of short grouper. They also attracted sharks pretty quickly. First two nurses , then a big reef shark. The sharks pretty quickly eat the chunks and then there is nothing left. When we moved to another spot it was almost as if the reef shark followed us and appeared right behind the boat a couple minutes after we anchored. I am kicking myself for not getting a picture of him.

We anchored a few other spots, each of us pulled a fish or two. Swimming against the current was kind of kicking our ass. I didn’t drink enough water, probably due to it being overcast and cooler, so it wasn’t apparent how thirsty I was. I got some pretty annoying cramps and had to sit it out for a little bit.

Brad found a big gaff, on the bottom. It had been under water awhile but it was a really heavy expensive gaff. A charter boat or someone must have dropped it.

To finish the day off we did drifts in 40-65fsw. Brad picked up his big hogfish, I shot some yellow jacks. We saw a few other fish but nothing that exciting.

Catherine took a video of big moray eel that was swimming around outside its hole.