Catherine and I went out spearfishing yesterday afternoon. She didn’t get out of work until 11 , so we hit the water around noon. One of the awesome things about having a boat in the water, is you can jump in and be off without much prep. It makes you use the boat a lot more, at least in my case. Of course half the boats in my canal rarely if ever go out so apparently it doesn’t have that effect on everyone.

We headed out to the drop off and to our delight there was blue water past the edge. I guess not true crystal clear blue water but at least 50-65 of visibility. The only thing that kind of sucked was in some areas there were massive amounts of jelly fish, like so many small transparent jellies they would cut 5-10 feet off of the visibility.

First drop in I missed a 25-30# kingfish, not sure how I missed, I often shoot 12 inch Spanish Mackerel at similar distance. Oh well that’s fishing. We drifted around in water about 40-65 feet deep. I got two muttons in about 50 feet. We didn’t really get any action shots or video due to the fact the boat was moving too fast for us both to drop off it safely. When I shot one of the muttons I got so far from the boat it felt like an eternity swimming back to it. Cat was still attached so I was safe but still, it took a lot to make that swim.

We then ran into schools of triggers perhaps there had been people chumming earlier, I’m not really sure but there was all you could shoot. I shot four and then Catherine dropped the camera and shot one.

Other interesting things that happened was a small sharp nose shark rushing our flashers. Also again yesterday it amazed me at how small a hole or indent in a reef a decent sized grouper can fit in.  I followed a black from spot to spot until I Iost him and two of the spots he hid in were tiny.  I would never have thought to swim down and check such small crevices in the bottom.

Catherine also went a bit crazy taking pictures of jellyfish.