Catherine and I went out for a quick lobstering trip yesterday afternoon and it was freezing. I am from a cold climate and usually when people who live down here say it’s cold I usually laugh and go diving. This was really cold, like for the first time I said this too cold, this is not even fun anymore.

We went to check some inshore rocks, they are in shallow water , less then 12 feet. The shallow inshore water is way more affected by cold air temps then the deeper reef water. Taking a wild guess I would suspect its like 5-10 degrees colder in the shallows, but I am going to get a thermometer for next time.

Legal lobsters were scarce, we got a couple in a couple hours but had to weed through close to a dozen, just under the legal sized ones. It kind of funny how they move around, I checked a bunch of spots that had lobster a couple weeks ago and they where barren, and then a couple hundred yards away there were some rocks full of them. Catherine got a couple good pics and we got a couple lobster tails so it was ok trip for a couple hours and probably something like 2 gallons of gas burned.

Catherine had another chance to test out her new wet suit in very cold (at least for here) conditions. She recently got a custom fit suit from a Greek website, . Although the suit looked great it looked like the sizing was screwed up on the top, and that it would allow too much water in , but once we tested it Catherine was toasty warm and yesterday was actually fine in the water . She thinks the 5mm open cell suitis  much warmer and much more comfortable to swim in then her 5mm scuba pro.