Had a half day of spearfishing today with Catherine, and it kind of sucked. The winds finally dropped down to a reasonable level for the first time in weeks, and there was like 10 feet of vis on the reef in front of Key West. The water was beautiful just a few days ago, and the winds where blowing from the south, and the gulf stream is supposed to only be 2 miles past Sand Key. There was some decent water on the bar but it was quickly fading with the tide. The water looked like it was getting clearer going west, but I didn’t have the gas to run west. I just figured since it was just cat and me we would just hit the drop off in front of Key West, so I didn’t fill up on gas (sometimes I need to make the same mistake a couple times, before it sinks in).

We drifted most of the day, I picked up a mutton snapper on the bottom in 50 feet of water, and large triggerfish. Saw one big king on the bottom in about 60 feet of water and couldn’t get close enough. We tried anchoring and chumming but there was a lot of current, and with the vis rapidly fading we called it early and came in.

I tired out my ebay flashers, they don’t work in a daisy chain, got to re-rig them. Even though they weren’t flashing really, a few cero mackerel came in to check them out. Also a couple file fish thought they were awesome, and at one point when we drifted into shallower water a school of mangroves followed them.