Went out spearfishing yesterday with Brain , winds ranged from 13-19 knots all the day and visibility ranged from a green 20 to a blue 60. The better vis started about mile north of the drop off.

I brought some chum and flashers to try to get another shot at a wahoo but the waves and current where just too much to deal with. We anchored a few places at the drop off but most just smoked ourselves out swimming in the current. We both saw a lot of short black grouper but not much else. Then we tried coming in to the main reef but the current was even worse there. So we started drifting, after being anchored drifting felt like a breath of fresh air.

We drifted for awhile over the shallow hard bottom. Not sure if the water isn’t cold enough yet but we didn’t see a lot desirable fish in the shallows. There are bigger hog fish in shallows now, bigger for here unfortunately is like 16 inches, we took a couple but even bigger hogfish here are pretty small and still kind of a pain to clean. There were a few muttons but mostly borderline or short.

At the edge of where the blue water turned green we ran into a decent black, Brian shot it in the head but the shaft didn’t hold. I watched it run up into a coral head, and had Brian jump in the boat to get the boat anchored. This whole process kind of turned into a mess, the area around the coral head was sand and the anchor wouldn’t hold , finally after a couple tries I got the anchor caught on one of the few rocks in the area. The coral head was almost totally dark inside so you had to basically lie down on the bottom and put your head under it and kind of shoot the gun from there. First try I hit the grouper but the shaft didn’t hold, like 6 or 7 dives later I got another shaft in him and got him out.

After that we headed in .