Went out with Andy, Joe, Kevin and Andy’s girlfriend yesterday. Catherine is sick, so we have no photos. Brought the camera but took one shaking vid and no photos.  Not sure why I can’t put the gun down and take pics but it appears to be a problem. Joe and Kevin shot video for an upcoming spearfishing show, so perhaps I can get some stills from them for this post.

We hit the Bar and then ran west the Marquesas, we really didn’t get a lot of fish.  We shot a bunch of fish but nothing big, well one hog was big for here at 4#. We shot yellow jacks, trigger fish, permit, black grouper , mangrove snapper, hogfish and a school master snapper.

One thing that stands out is I think we found the goat fish spawning.  There were thousands of them on top of this one rock, pretty much carpeting it. I tried to take a video but a bull shark pulled in right behind me.   I tried to get video of him but frankly whenever I bump into sharks when I am on the bottom it pretty much kills my breath hold.

That is the other thing, I saw more sharks yesterday then most dives,  pretty much every spot we hit we had sharks doing drive bys, mostly reef sharks but some others as well. One I think was a sandbar was swimming on the surface with a bunch of little bar jacks following him, came in to almost poking distance of me. Andy had a bull push up on him to the point where he was going to shoot it. Also Joe shot a big yellowjack off the back of a reef shark, which would have made good video but the camera was in the boat.