Spent the weekend spearfishing with Catherine. The conditions where not that great except for the lack of current. On Saturday we drove west past Satan shoal looking for decent water but found none, so we ended up running back east and found some 25-30 foot of vis in front of Key West. I shot a medium yellow jack, a big mangrove, and a small dog snapper. Then we just headed to some shallow water and caught lobsters, we caught 8 in about an hour and probably could have limited out if we had some time, but Catherine had to work.

On Sunday Catherine and I went out and we headed east since the water seemed clearer that way. We had to run around the backside of the island because the harbor was closed for the powerboat races. First spot we jumped in on was patch reef in 30 feet.  We could see bottom with a bit of horizontal vis. Since the current was almost nonexistent we took advantage of that and anchored and started chumming.  I love it when there is no current and I can do that. It’s pretty rare the current and vis cooperate. Our plan was to shoot a bunch of cero mackerel for the smoker, but not that many showed up. I shot 4 at one spot and also two mutton snapper. Then we tried heading further east but the vis got crappier. So we headed back west and went to far and it got crappy again, real crappy, brown cold water covering everything with 10 feet off the bottom.

So back east, anchored shallow again, chummed some more and I shot two more muttons. Catherine put down the camera and shot a mangrove. Then we headed to the lobster spot hoping to clean house but when we got there the wind had stirred up the water and there was like 5 feet of vis.  I dove it for a few minutes and caught a couple lobster and then we headed in.