Went out with Cat yesterday and there was great conditions but no fish.  We dove the reef and bar.  I was kind of tempted to run out to the Marquesas but with gas at $4 a gallon and only two of us diving I stayed close. I saw one yellow jack all day, maybe two spooky groupers, and a school of giant bonitos that would not let me near them. I also saw another 60+ pound king fish but could not get the shot on him.

All the schools of jacks are gone. The giant schools of permit, horse eye , yellow and amber jacks have beat feet apparently to deeper water. Other then the one giant king fish I don’t think I saw a fish over 15# all day.  The giant schools of huge triggers are gone as well. The big schools of ceros are not around as well, although if I remember right there is a time in early summer when they appear again. Everyone loves to dive in the summer, the water is clear and wind is calm, but there just aren’t a lot fish.

On the upside the vis was up to 65 feet and there was almost no current and we had flat seas. Cat and I were able to both drift with the boat, and even though there wasn’t much action, Cat was able to practice free diving which made her happy.