Went out on Tuesday with kill em all, his friend Pat and my girlfriend, weather was beautiful

winds around 10 knots from the southwest , gulfstream 21 miles out

Calm seas, not much current, visibility in front of sand key west in the 40s and it dropped down to about 10-15 in front of Boca Grande

all free diving, in water 20-45 feet

we caught

black, red grouper

2 amber jacks , first one on a spear for me

yellow jacks

mangrove and dog snapper

ciro mackerel

I saw some sort of behemoth of a snapper in 30 feet or so of water but could get no where near him, do big cuberas sometimes come in the shallows?

We got the ajs when my girl friend shot a smaller jack, they rushed her and where trying to take the small jack off the spear, there were 5 of them with a large nurse shark in tow, the nurse shark’s head had a bunch of scars on it and he behaved really aggressively for a nurse it was pretty funny.