Been awhile since I have posted on this site, so I thought I would give it an update. Been diving a lot but haven’t really shot anything great.  We had some good vis the last week of grouper season but we didn’t get that many groupers. Went looking for wahoo with some out of town visitors and found nothing.

It seems like it always sucks when people visit. It always sucks and then I get to listen to them talk about how wherever they dive is great etc. I have reached the point where I almost don’t want any “visitors” to go with us. They never shoot anything and mostly aren’t happy.

Anyways we were out west diving the other day and I was having some sort of stomach issues, I couldn’t dive to save my life, I just kept burping and feeling like crap. Jared and Lee where shooting circles around me, getting blacks, reds and Lee got a dog snapper. All and all it seemed like it was not going to be my day, but then we jumped in on a ledge and were surrounded by Amberjacks, and under the school there was this beast of a jack. I knew that if Jared or Lee saw it they would try to dive under me  to get it first, which is why I usually try to swim away from them when we go diving. So I quick loaded two bands and dove on it. It turned to look at me and I stoned it.

Might not be the biggest jack ever but I  don’t know anyone personally who has shot one that big in the Keys free diving.