Well the weather and Cat’s day off collided again and we were able to go diving together again.  Stoner joined us as well and when we got out to the reef the water was blue all the way into hawk’s channel. We dove hawks channel for a bit but all the only thing I saw were grouper and little bitty snapper. So After a bit we left.

When we got out to the drop off the vis was even better. I should have probably gone for wahoo but we really wanted to actually shoot some fish and not get stuck drifting all day. this in hind site was probably a mistake. I have to check for wahoo every time I go out it seems if the conditions are decent, they are only here for a very , limited time in any real numbers.

Anyways we dove the reef, we got a bunch of fish but nothing that exciting. Stoner got a 9# margate, other then that nothing that stood out. Cat was able to take some photos in the clear vis which was great. The wind picked up to 20 knots by 3 o’clock so we called it early.