Got down to Montauk a couple weeks ago. As always writing a report late make it very difficult for me to write something good.

I was visiting Chris Miller and we had hoped to run offshore and look for pelegic fish but the wind and water did not really cooperate. I got to a couple trips for striped bass which was pretty cool.

Cold Water

Very different then diving in the keys,  low vis and in some sports freezing cold water.

The second day we went for bass we ran over to Block island which was pretty cool, diving around the kelp and different fauna. The water so cold that I was freezing in a new 5mm.  My mask would fog up when I hit the surface from the temperature change.

Schools of Bass

Got to swim with pretty big schools of bass but I did not get any large fish. I got video of Chris’s friend shooting one, not sure if you will be able to see though once the video is uploaded and the quality is reduced.

Stripped Bass from Ben Shep on Vimeo.