Been kind of neglecting this blog, just haven’t really had any photos to post due to Cat not coming out with us. She came out with the us the other day but of course the water was dirty. It was worth it though she got to see stoner completely wig out when a big grouper pretzeled his shaft and got off.

Anyways my mom was visiting this week and since I suck at hook and line fishing we took her snorkeling/spearfishing each of the days she was here. Catherine was in the mood to shoot fish instead of photos so I did not get a lot of photos but I have a couple so at least I can make some type of post.

We dove shallow inshore stuff the whole time. My Mom got to see nurse sharks, sea turtles, bonnet head shark , barracudas and a bunch of other smaller ocean creatures. Cat shot hog fish , sheepshead , grey snapper and porgies.

I shot a bunch of smaller fish and lucked out shooting a black grouper that was close to 20# in 10 feet of water.

Also got a nice photo of this turtle.