Well just got back from a trip to La Paz Mexico, and as usual it was pretty awesome. I kind of flailed on writing reports for the trip: fishing reports always come out best if you write them immediately after the fishing trip.

I really love that city and that part of the world, I want to try to spend a couple months down there next year, like October- November. If anyone wants to travel down there around those times get in touch with me. Everything is very cheap down there, but the cost of making long runs to the fishing grounds kind of adds up, so I will be looking for some others to throw in with me.

I have to say it was great to be recreational trophy hunting rather then commercial fishing for a little while. Makes me wish I was rich enough to just go diving all the time for fun.  It was also nice to have my photographer with me and get some UW photos to play with.

This year I went with Cat (of course), Dan, Garrett, Alyssa(Garrett’s girl)  Cal , Char (Cal’s girlfriend) , Jeff Rella and his girl Tracy.

Anyways fishing was a bit slow this year, we were kind of early for the wahoo and sailfish, at least in La Paz.  Dan, Garrett and I both bagged decent pargos right off the bat, which was great. We spent a bunch of time drifting in the blue water. Most days we got like one or two shots on bill fish but none of us could make it happen.  I came up short of Pacific Sail that was way over 100#, makes me want to cry just thinking about it. I also chased a striped marlin down deep but it eluded me as well. Dan and Garrett had a blue marlin that they said was over 200# come in on them as well but no one got a shot.

Char had what looked like a small blue marlin come in on her and the flasher but also did not get the shot.  Although the blue water fishing pretty much sucked, the encounters with the billfish kept us out there.

Dan and Cal had the best luck in the blue water with both of them getting wahoo.

This year we did not even dive the pacific, the hurricane and the west winds had the the pacific side looking like a mud puddle.  We got vis reports for like a week that it was bad, finally we lost patience and drove over there and it was worse then the Keys right after a hurricane. We waited another week or so and drove over again and it sucked again. Kind of disappointing I did not get any big grouper last year, and was hoping for a shot.

We did all the usual La Paz tourist dives with the whale sharks and sea lions. In general had a blast wandering around La Paz. I think La Paz is so much nicer to be in than Key West, it was kind of depressing coming home.