Well last day in Mexico Garrett and I killed it.  Not only that but Cat was with me so we got a lot of photos. I feel bad for Seaver and Ugis missing the day but fishing is fishing you never know what is going to happen.

Wahoo Stacked Everywhere!

After a spending a few days drifting the bluewater and not seeing much, yesterday it was stacked with wahoo. When I say stacked I mean stacked, schools of wahoo on almost every drift. So many wahoo I was passing on wahoo looking for bigger wahoo.

Massive Chumslick

First thing we did is Garrett and Alan went and cleaned out one of the local fish markets of their trash to create a huge chum slick. We had thousands of fish swarming the chum, walls of triggerfish and speedos, bonito, rainbow runners and blue runners.

Garett's big fish

Garett’s big fish

First drift, Floats sailing off in different directions

The first drift the first schools came in, I shot on and it ran almost right at Garret, and he shot one that was with it.

There were also marlin free jumping around us but we did not see any in the water. Oh yeah some yellow fin tuna also started breaking the surface by us but we did not see them either.

Big Barred Pargos

Every so often a big barred pargo would come up from the deep and grab a piece of chum. Whenever there was a break in the action Garrett and I would take turns dropping on the pargo. There sometimes would be 10 of those fish down there some of them looked 20 pounds or more.  They are smart as hell though and float line bottomed out at 75 feet. I missed a few shots on them and was considering adding another float line, so I could get down to them, but with the current I honestly was scared of rocking one up past 100 feet and losing my slip tip.

We had wahoo action pretty much all day, even when the current died out mid day, we still had wahoo doing drive byes. Garrett shot the biggest fish of the day on the slack tide.

Sea Lions and Weehoos

Sea Lions would sometimes show up and zip around us for a minute. At one point a school of weehoo was just hanging out with us circling for awhile.

I was fortunate enough to have Cat with me to take photos, these photos would have never happened without her.