My mom came to visit me & Cat while I was staying in La Paz and we got out on the water one day to swim with the sea lions and whale sharks. We really had a great day on the water, calm seas great visibility.

We did the whole eco-tour of the Espiritu Santo island which was interesting and my mom loved. They have Blue-footed boobys, how cool it that?

The young sea lions have found it entertaining to nip at divers’ fins and will try to play like a young dog with you.  My mom thought this was great and we spent most of the day watching them.

Huge bait ball

There was a huge ball of bait on the island that housed the sea lion colony and there was a ton of fish and sea lions charging through it and basically creating some really awesome photo opportunities. Unfortunately Cat had camera issues and none of those photos ended up being readable. I have the files and will look for a way to recover them, but I doubt it will happen.

At first I though that this was a problem with the camera but now I think it’s the memory card.