Went out yesterday with Catherine , Brad and Cal. Conditions where close to perfect, no wind 40-50 feet of visibility on the main reef. Went a little way west and then worked out way back.

We shot a bunch of fish, black grouper, hind, triggerfish yellow jack, ciro mackerel, margate and yellow tails.

Brad saw a sailfish swimming on the main reef, we also had a 6 foot bull shark try to grab a fish off my shaft. A school of nice mackerel had just swam past and I thought if I shot a yellow jack and let it struggle on the end of the line it would draw them back in. Well it drew 2 huge yellow jacks in, and the bull shark. The shark took 2 swipes at the yellow jack but missed both times.

There was schools of ciro mackerel everywhere, I have never seen so many mackerel. Some schools had 20-30 decent sized fish in them. Saw schools of horse eye jacks and schools of Speedos too. Saw my first snook on the reef also.

Cal swam down and put his neck on some fire coral, wow what reaction that made. Got to make sure I never touch that stuff. He got a giant welt on his neck.