Went out last minute with Catherine, we had a bunch of BS website problems to deal with but screw it the wind finally stopped blowing and there were reports from the Key West Open of clear water.

Winds are light and variable, gulfstream 28 miles from sand key.

We jumped in the boat around noon and headed out, with just plans to mess around in front of Key West. We jumped in at a spot about 20 feet deep. There was 30-40 feet of visibility. We swam for a bit and I shot a Ciro mackerel, strung it up on my float and continued swimming. Then I saw a larger shape swimming to my left. It was decent sized King Mackerel, so I dove down and lined up a shot on it. I pulled the trigger and saw the fish jump, indicating he was hit. So I let go of my gun and let it run with my float line. I’m not really sure what to expect next, I figured I would swim after it and get it. The gun, line and float took of like a rocket. There was no way I could swim after it, so I swam to boat.

Catherine was in the boat adjusting some gear, and I yelled to her that I just shot a kingfish, she thought she should grab the underwater camera and jump in for a pic. I was like, “naw, start the engine” . I got in the boat and told her to keep a eye on the float and yelled for Ted to get back in the boat. It took a second to get the anchor up and begin chase. The whole time I was thinking boy it will suck if I have to buy another spear gun. Luckily it ran 60-70 yards and stopped. We drove up to and slowly pulled the line up and gaffed the fish. While it was coming up it had two huge yellow jacks following it, so ted grabbed a gun and jumped in.

The mackerel didn’t look as big as it was in the water but it was still decent, it weighted 22# which isn’t even big for a kingfish. I might have to get a bigger or more floats to shoot a big one. They are pretty common to 40# around here and then sometimes even larger.

Ted shot a yellow jack, and we tried a little west but the vis got worse like 20 feet and green. So then we drifted on the bar, in 37-45 feet of water. There was about 50 feet of visibility but we didn’t see much on fish. Little Spanish mackerel and mangrove snappers, saw two muttons but my mask was too fogged up when I saw down to get the shot. I usually just use soapy water to clear the mask, but today I tried this spray. I think I will just stick with soap from now on.

We headed in and found reasonably clear water back on the reef we didn’t see any good fish except one spooky black but we did run into a trio of jewfish. 2 were pushing 100# and smaller one around 50#. They seems to congregate around this one little cave.