Went out yesterday with Ted and Catherine. The winds were like 4 kts form the south, gulfstream only 5 miles out, but the vis on reef in front of key west between Sand key and the 9 foot stake was only 25-35 feet and green. I was expecting crystal clear water but nope.

We shot a black grouper, grey triggerfish, and 2 yellow jacks.

Ted got both yellow jacks, the larger one was probably around 15# biggest fish he has shot so far.

Catherine found a borderline red grouper and thing was too dumb to run from us. We poked it a couple times to train it to be scared of divers with guns but it didn’t seem to learn.

Saw several large groups or 15-20 10-15# yellow jacks cruising around yesterday. The usual spooky blacks and totally non-spooky jewfish

My ear was killing me today so I only swam part of the day. I irritated it last Tuesday and swimming yesterday was too soon. After a couple dives and a couple clears it started to hurt and this morning it hurt like bitch until I popped some aspirin and sudafed. It feels fine now , but I am going to take a week off.